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The Loop is a 5 mile run through the roads of Pleasant Hill. All runners have 60 minutes to complete the full loop. If completed in time, they qualify for lap 2. If completed again in 60 minutes they qualify for lap 3, and so on until there are no runners left. Each lap will start on the hour, beginning at 8:00 am

$65 for Early Registration (before April 1)

$75 for Regular Registration 

Must register before May 1 to guarantee a shirt


Runners will receive

- A finishing Medal

- Official Race Shirt (register before May 1)

- Water, Gatorade and Snacks at Start/Finish

- Access to post race viewing party

Proceeds donated to St Jude's Children's Hospital
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To determine finishing places - Amount of laps will always trump times. If two or more runners complete the same amount of laps, the time on the final lap will determine the placing. 

Runners get credit for each lap they complete regardless of time. If you qualify for another lap and don't wish to run, you can still walk another lap to receive credit for the extra lap.

Runners planning on completing many laps are welcome and encouraged to bring a bag of supplies to aid between laps. BYOB for post race/viewing. Coolers provided at start/finish line. 


Coolers provided to keep your choice of drink cold. 

Lawn Games

Wait for the next lap to finish while completing a game of cornhole, horse shoes, etc. 

Winners Torch

A ceremonial gold torch will be lit to start the event. Race winner gets to snuff the torch and take it home. 


Photographer will be present at the event. Pictures available for purchase after. 


Parking is available about a third of a mile away at Pisgah Public Market. Please no street parking

Not a Runner?

Fun for Everyone!

Just come hang out, drink beer, play games and watch people suffer as they try to reach the finish line in time!

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